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"In Dvorák's three-act opera, which she has consistently shortened, the young director succeeds in leading the soloists to very impressive performances in the midst of the densely packed audience. A production that definitely has the potential for a revival in the new season." (Fränkischer Tag, Jochen Berger)


We are located underground in a fishery - a converted former butcher's shop in downtown Coburg. Rusalka lives there, together with Vodnik, the waterman. As her father and closest confidant, he is extremely reluctant to let her out of his wing. Rusalka longs for love, longs for 'human'. The witch Ježibaba offers her help. But everything has its price...

I'd like to be Under the Sea In an Octopus' Garden With You 'The Beatles'

Release: Coburg, Bavaria, June 2023 


Rusalka - Rannveig Káradóttir

Vodnik the Aquarius - Michael Lion

Ježibaba, the witch - Ioana Tautu

The Prince - Kurt Heuser*

The Princess - Jana Steiner*

*Extras by Landestheater Coburg


Production - Leonie Dehne

Scenography - Veronika Stumpf

Light - Thilo Schneider, Klaus Bröck

Video - Heng-Chi Lin, Veronika Stumpf

Musical production - Claudio Rizzi

Dramaturgy - André Sievers, Victor Pohl

Photography - Anna Rogler & Armin Oehmke

Video Documentation - Michael Zarske

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