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MEGA: STAGE salzburg

In the formed collective of four people, the team created a supermarket of stories, where visitors had the chance of buying their performances that led through the whole city. The project was developped during the first lock down and therefor was orbiting aroung system revelance and the representation of working people in unbearable fields. There was a one week festival created and Leonie was doing three performances within that project.

Release: Austria, July 2020


Ruth Kemna, Kim Groneweg, Armela Madreiter

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What does a human need?

Some places fulfill the urge of warm food, clothes and a place to stay. however the situation emerged, these places are crucial and for some people every day and others the rare and unknown. By a performative visit, stories of social workers, people who are living without a home and founders of food places give insight.

With Johannes Orsini Rosenberg, Edith Saldanha, Anna Stein.
Based on conversations with social workers and people met on the streets
Wärmestube Salzburg


Staged visit of a shared garden, mirroring the variety of people gathered within and their gardening styles.
appreciating all beings in their uniqueness and furthering the herb knowledge by acknowledging what has been lost through the persecution of witches in middle europe.

With Helga Maria Schönfeld


Guided tour by a forester through one of the dampiest green places of northern Salzburg withholden in between the motorway and the industrial trade hall. by historically with its geographical changes the  visitors are pulled into fictional a meta-verse artistically created within the forest and leads to the subverse "Hügelysos" where everything is connected.

With Josef Brawisch, and Fleckmal represented by Anna-Lisa Hohl, Till Ernecke, Giulia Giammona and Alexander Smirzitz.

Including a conversation with a soldier who had to service the so called green boarder in the forest through the locked down boarders

at Itzlinger Au

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