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Who is Holding
       Your Umbrella?


Iwona Sapeta, Michal Romanowski, Maja Zegota, Tomasz Pawlowski, Michal Znaniecki, Emilia Wisniewska, Natalia Gaponenko, Hubert Stolarski

In the work as a director with two opera singers, Leonie rewrote two scenes out of Semiramide's Rossini and reinterpreted them. In collaboration with a autonomously created radio broadcast by the Fundazja Trans-Fuzja, it was moderated about queerness and the not-knowing of who you are as it might change in the future which cannot be preseen. The character of Arsace had the chance of refinding their gender outside the nuclear family and had to fight against unsafe places offered by Assur. Release: Warsaw, Poland, May 2021  


Release: Austria, July 2020

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