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Cassandra im Casino

Cassandra - one of the most disregarded women in Greek mythology - sheds the role that is assigned to her in operas such as Vittorio Gnecchi's "Cassandra" (1905): The seer no one believes.

An intensive examination of systemic questions of oppression mechanisms, which draw on self-written texts and Christa Wolf's research. The team creates a burlesque counterworld in which Cassandra, as the landlady, invites the audience to take a seat at her table and to actually listen to Cassandra this time... 

- opera singing, spoken word, dance -

"Schreien Würde Ich!!!"

Release: Nationaltheater Mannheim, April 2024 


Cassandra: Aynur Memioglu & Karolina Münch

Burlesque Sister: Lisa Mayer & Karolina Münch

Clytennestra: Nataliia Shumska. 

On Piano: Harald Braun 


Choreography: Luches Huddleston

Costume: Dorothee Schneider 

Scenography: Swenja Trebeljahr 

Dramaturgy - Mascha Luttmann

Direction: Leonie Dehne 

Photography - Maximilian Borchardt

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